Dec 13, 2018

Soft and Thick Cut-Out Sugar Cookies

Here we have the best sugar cookies I've ever made. The recipe is courtesy of a wonderful blog, Dimples & Delights, written by April.  I did make them a bit thinner than the recipe calls for, but they were still plenty thick and soft. The dough is just sweet enough, has a fantastic texture to it and rolls out easily.

The gorgeous sprinkles on the purple and blue cookies is from Sweetapolita's Sprinkle Shop. That particular sprinkle medley is Mermaid Magic. Rosie has the most wonderful sprinkle collections I've ever seen. If you know a cookie baker and need a special gift, buy a collection of fun sprinkles from her shop.

The food coloring is from Wilton, in a set like this. I really love the quality of the Wilton food coloring products. Their red coloring has no taste, which is a very good thing for frostings.

I love this recipe! This is now my go-to sugar cookie recipe. It is perfect.

If you prefer crispy sugar cookies, be sure to try my mom's recipe for Crispy Snowflake Sugar Cookies. Both recipes are wonderful. Enjoy!


Dec 12, 2018

Cherry or Apricot Kolacky Thumb Print Cookies

Besides the famous Snowflake Sugar Cookies, another Christmas cookie staple at our house are Kolacky Thumb Print Cookies. They are tender and sweet and one of our favorites.

We also make these using an apricot filling but we decided to be lazy this year and only make cherry.


Dec 10, 2018

Mint Crinkles

This pretty mint green cookie is perfect for green themed holidays. Christmas and St. Patrick's Day, I'm looking your way.

Super cute and delicious. Enjoy!

Soft Gingerbread Pudding Cookies Dipped in White Chocolate

Soft and flavorful gingerbread cookies, dipped in white chocolate. This recipe is wonderful for two types of eaters. First, for people who enjoy gingerbread but don't love rock hard cookies. Second, for folks that think they'd enjoy gingerbread if it were perhaps a little more mellow of a flavor.

This recipe is both soft and mellow, but it still has enough of that wonderful gingerbread flavor a lot of us crave around Christmas. I find this recipe to be great for kids as well, they love the flavor and the fact that it is dipped in chocolate.

I had originally planned to dip half of the batch in white chocolate and the other half in semi-sweet, but I melted too much white chocolate from the get go. So instead of wasting it, I just went ahead and dipped the entire batch of cookies in white. Gingerbread goes really well with milk chocolate or semi-sweet, so be sure to try that out sometime.

I found this recipe at the website SNAP! Many thanks to them for this winner of a recipe. Enjoy!