Welcome to Jam Hands!

My name is Ali and I blog about recipes that I have made and my family has loved. There is a big mixture of recipes here, but above all else I feature recipes that are easy to prepare with comforting flavors.

Where are your best of the best, all time favorite recipes?

If you’d like to take a peek at our all time favorite foods, the Family Favorite Recipes category has you covered.

Retro recipes are my fav!

I have a particular fondness for retro recipes, those passed down from family members and good friends. Does your grandma or uncle have an unusual recipe that they’ve been making for decades? That is exactly the kind of recipe I love to try. I even love the weird recipes that seem a little crazy. I can’t seem to help myself, the odder a food sounds, the more I want to try it.

Christmas is my favorite holiday to cook for

Christmas is my favorite holiday and I particularly love making cookies during the holiday season. I try to make a few new Christmas cookie recipes every holiday season along with the classic family favorites. Our favorite cookie recipe has to be the Soft and Thick Cut-Out Sugar Cookies.

What kinds of recipes do you post?

You will find comforting recipes here, rarely do I post overly ‘fussy’ recipes that require lots of steps and hard to find ingredients. I may love cooking but I also don’t want to spend all day in the kitchen when I can get in and get out and enjoy what I’ve prepared.

Why the name Jam Hands?

The inspiration for the name of this blog came about when I was watching one of my favorite older shows, Gilmore Girls. Luke exclaims that he can’t deal with kids with ‘jam hands.’ A silly quote for sure, but I thought it was funny and was a good representation of getting in the kitchen and having fun making cooking messes.

Social Media

I’m not much of a social media person (maybe someday?), but I am on Pinterest @jamhandsblog and pin recipes there almost daily if you’d like to give me a follow.

Contact Me

If you need to contact me, please hop over to my contact page and send me a message. I’m so happy that you have taken the time to visit Jam Hands. I hope that you find truly delicious recipes that you enjoy. Happy cooking!  
– Ali