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Peach Punch

If you have browsed the recipe index here at Jam Hands, you may have noticed that I love punch. I have found that most recipes are as follows: 1 soda + 1 pineapple juice + 1 additional juice. Follow that basic recipe and add in whatever flavors you are craving. I went with a white grape peach juice this time around and the results were delicious. Enjoy!

Peach Punch
Makes many servings

  • 2 liter of 7UP or Sprite, chilled
  • 1 large can pineapple juice (46 oz.), chilled
  • 2 qt. bottle White Grape Peach juice (64 oz.), chilled
  • Optional: 1 additional can pineapple juice to freeze for an ice mold or into ice cubes

1. Combine the soda, pineapple juice and peach juice in a large punch bowl and stir gently to combine. If using, add the prepared ice ring or ice cubes.

Recipe by Jam Hands.

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