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Valentine's Day Heart Cake (without using a heart pan)

For a last minute Valentine's Day dessert, make a simple and sweet heart cake. I doctored up a cake mix with some LorAnn Oils cherry super strength flavoring and Princess Cake and Cookie Flavor. I added a tiny bit of the cherry flavoring to the frosting as well, but just a hint.

Since I used a yellow cake mix, the cake turned a mix between orange and pink. The photo above makes it look more orange than it actually was. For a pure pink color, use a white cake mix.

To make the heart cake, I used two 9" pans, one round and one square. It is important that they are the same size so that the heart fits together. Bake as directed on the cake mix box, and let cool. Cut the circle in half and arrange as pictured above. Frost and add sprinkles. Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. VERY clever...thanks for showing how you did it. Love it.

    Happy Valentine's Day!! Stop by for my Valentine's post if you like.

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