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Welcome to Jam Hands!

My name is Ali and I blog about recipes that I have made and my family has loved. There is a big mixture of recipes here, but above all else I feature recipes that are easy to prepare with wonderful flavors. I have a particular fondness for retro recipes, those passed down from family members and good friends.

The inspiration for the name of this blog came about when I was watching one of my favorite shows...
"I don't even like kids. They always have jam on their hands. Even when there isn't any jam in the house, they get jam on their hands. I can't deal with jam hands." - Luke from Gilmore Girls.
Unlike Luke, I do like kids. The name stuck with me though, and I thought it would be a good representation of getting your hands dirty in the kitchen and having fun.

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I'm so happy that you have taken the time to visit Jam Hands. I hope that you find truly delicious recipes that you enjoy. Happy cooking!  - Ali