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Doritos Salsa Cheeseball (Pumpkin Shaped)

Get togethers are almost always better when paired with a tasty appetizer. A cheeseball happens to be one of my go-to recipes. In fact, I have bunches of them pinned…

Loaded Baked Potato Dip

This simple and delicious recipe requires only four ingredients to come together, meaning for a lot of folks they already have everything in their fridge to make this. I do…

Thanksgiving & Fall Favorite Recipes

Brown Sugar Apple Pie

Last but not least for my Thanksgiving recipes is this tasty Brown Sugar Apple Pie. If I had planned ahead better I would’ve gotten vanilla ice cream to go with this but whipped cream or plain works well too. There is just something about a slice of warm apple pie with cold ice cream that…
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Sausage, Cranberry and Apple Stuffing

Thanksgiving isn’t complete without stuffing. Technically when you call something stuffing, that means is cooked inside the turkey, which I don’t do. So this should be called a dressing, but I’m sticking with the original recipe title this time. Anyhow, this Sausage, Cranberry and Apple Stuffing uses sourdough bread and white wine which are a…
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Pumpkin Roll

Friends, today I have here for you a wonderful recipe for a moist, spicy and sweet Pumpkin Roll. It was my first experience making a cake roll of any sort and it was easier than I expected. The result was amazing, so flavorful, tender and delicious. I would love for this recipe to become a…
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