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Frankenstein Fingers

For our latest Halloween get together I made these Frankenstein Fingers, which are chocolate cookies that are baked, topped with a candy corn "nail," then drizzled with a powdered sugar glaze to emphasize the wrinkles on the fingers. Chocolate and spooky! Enjoy!

Green Halloween Punch

This beautiful Green Halloween Punch is a vibrant and sweet concoction that both kiddos and adults will enjoy. I made this recipe for one large pitchers worth, but have included directions below for making this recipe for a large punch bowl as well. I loved the color of this. Perfect and it lends itself well to be named something sinister like "Slime Punch" or "Ectoplasm Punch." Fun stuff. Enjoy!

Jack-o'-lantern Cheeseburger Pie

Though it may look a little garish, this Jack-o'-lantern Cheeseburger Pie is a delicious, kid friendly food and perfect for a spooky Halloween party. Slice it up with a pizza cutter and serve. The crust held up better than I expected, but that might vary depending on what brand you use. I use Pillsbury premade refrigerated pie crusts that you unroll on the counter. It does look a bit spooky, but trust me, it tastes great. Everyone at our party loved this. Enjoy!

Hot Dog Spiders

A simple and kid friendly appetizer for Halloween are these adorable Hot Dog Spiders. They take only 3 ingredients but they still taste great. The recipe calls for black sesame seeds for the eyes, but unfortunately I had none so I used poppy seeds instead. Still cute, just a little less noticeable. Placing the eyes is a great project for little ones that want to help in the kitchen. Super quick and super cute for a Halloween party. Enjoy!

Halloween 2017 + Great Last Minute Halloween Party Foods

Happy Halloween! I'll be posting the recipes through out the day today as I am able to, so check back if you are in need of last minute Halloween party recipes. Everything can be made the day of and it comes together very quickly. This was for our Halloween party for my children and their cousins. Green Halloween Punch and Spider Hot Dogs. We froze candy eyeballs into ice cubes but unfortunately those sank to the bottom of the pitcher. You can make out a few lurking at the bottom of the pitcher if you look closely. Jack-o'-lantern Cheeseburger Pie. You can slice this pie up just like a pizza and it held together very well. Premade pie crust makes this a very fast recipe that tastes great. Everybody loved it and said how tasty it was. Close up of the cute Spider Hot Dogs. Black Sesame Seeds work a bit better for the eyes but we were out so poppy seeds had to make due. Still cute! Chocolate Witches Fingers Recipes coming later today. Have a

Classic Southern Orange Slice Cake

I'd never heard of the southern classic Orange Slice Cake until recently, but I knew once I saw it that I had to make it. I would describe this delicious cake as about 3/4 delicious bundt cake and 1/4 fruitcake. Though the fruit in this case is actually orange candy. It is incredibly rich, so be sure to cut your servings very thin. It is perfect as is, but as you can see in the first picture, you can add a bit of freshly whipped cream on top if you like, but try not to make the cream too sweet. There is plenty of sweetness in the cake itself already. This was a huge hit at our house. It is worth the time and effort. If you love orange slice candies and you love a good bundt cake with a cup of coffee, this might be just the right dessert for you. Be sure to check my notes if you plan on making this. I've included tips to help this cake turn out great. Enjoy!

Christmas Sausage Bake

I am a firm believer in two things when it comes to the holidays. First, that it is never too early to start planning for Christmas. Second, it is never too early to get into the Christmas spirit. It has started to snow overnight here in Montana and that is all the prompting I need to start listening to Christmas music and dreaming of what to create in the kitchen. The great thing about being an adult is you can be just about as quirky as you want when it comes to holiday planning. Do you want to put your Christmas tree up before Thanksgiving? By all means, go for it. Nothing is holding you back, except perhaps confused family members. One tradition that I have been enjoying is preparing a rich, comforting casserole before bed, with the help of my kiddos, then baking it up the next morning. It is a tradition that is special to me because I know it is fleeting - my kids wont always be this little, they wont always want to help mom in the kitchen. My eight year old son especially