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Cheesy Shrimp Ciabatta

For out last get together I made this delicious Cheesy Shrimp Ciabatta. This is an appetizer that shrimp fans will love. In our family this is one of our most favorite recipes. It's so delicious!

You can go with a baguette instead if you would like bite sized portions, but it is hard to beat a fresh loaf of ciabatta bread. The baguette slices will get much crunchier so if you prefer that mouth feel, you can go with a baguette. A fresh French bread would also work great. Enjoy!

25 Best Recipes of 2015

I can hardly believe it is time for me to write up another yearly best recipes. Time is going by so fast! I'm happy to be bringing you my favorite recipes of 2015.

Best tasting doesn't always mean the most popular in terms of going viral on Pinterest, but you can trust me that these are the best of the best. Click "continue reading" below to view the collection. Enjoy!

No-Bake Oreo Truffles

These little truffles of pure bliss are coming in just under the wire for my top 25 recipes of 2015. I wasn't able to get very good pictures of them but you can take my word and those of my family that these truffles are, in a word, incredible.

I have to admit that I've never made or tasted cake balls, so I can't compare them one way or another to that style of dessert.  The idea of baking a cake, crumbling it up and mixing it with sweet frosting never appealed to me.

These truffles though are blitzed up cookies mixed with cream cheese. That piqued my interest in a major way. You wouldn't think that two simple ingredients could make something special, but they do. One taste tester said that they were like satin, smooth and rich.

My first instinct now is to buy every flavor of Oreos I can get my paws on and make different flavored versions of these. I will try to resist, but don't be surprised to see these little treats on the blog again soon.

Crab Rangoon

Crab Rangoon was one of the big hits of our family Christmas party this year. I've been wanting to make them for a long time now, as crab rangoon is one of my favorite foods. I wasn't sure how difficult it would be, but as it turned out, it was a cinch.

Prepared rangoon are kept fresh by keeping a just barely damp towel pulled over the sheet pan. Keep them covered as you prepare the remaining rangoon.

The recipe provides a delicious homemade dipping sauce, but I can't have rangoon without some type of hot mustard. For the party, I used sweet hot mustard, but hot chinese mustard is also wonderful. Do what I do and try dipping in multiple sauces at once. Sweet hot mustard and sweet and sour? Delicious. Chinese hot mustard and soy sauce? Fantastic.

There is a bit of Sriracha sauce in this recipe, but it doesn't provide really any heat at all. It gives it a hint of flavor, but no heat. My daughter doesn't like spicy food whatsoever and she adored these. So don't l…

Peppermint Eggnog Christmas Punch

If you are anything like me, you might think to yourself, peppermint and eggnog? What the heck?! I was unsure of this combination but this punch was the best I've ever made. Everyone who tried it loved it and went back for more.

Before I forget, the cute Christmas punch bowl set is Hazel Atlas, which I found on Etsy. Very retro and festive.

I photographed the punch shortly after I added the peppermint crunch ice cream, but I found that it tasted best when the ice cream had mostly melted. It was amazing!

The eggnog that we buy is light in consistency, pretty much as thin as milk. That is my preferred style of eggnog, so that is what I went with for this punch. If you buy a very thick and sweet style of eggnog, you might consider using club soda instead of 7Up to cut down on the sweetness. I did try this punch using both club soda and 7Up, and I found the 7Up to be much, much better.

If you don't have a holiday punch for Christmas, please try this one out. It is wonderfully fes…

Christmas 2015 Roundup

I think we outdid ourselves this Christmas. It was a great meal with family, enjoying fantastic foods and exchanging presents. I'll have recipes for all these goodies going up before the end of December. For now, enjoy the pictures!

Date and Rice Krispies Balls Rolled in Coconut

Date Balls strike me as an old fashioned sort of treat. Am I the only one with that idea? As far as recipes go, retro or old fashioned recipes are very appealing to me. Maybe it is the nostalgia factor, picturing wives and grandmas of yesteryear making the foods they grew up with for their loved ones. Case in point, my Great Grandma's Famous Jimmy Cake. I find those sorts of recipes really charming.

Date Balls are a wonderful, delicious treat. I urge you to try them out for Christmas. If you aren't a fan of coconut, simply roll the date balls in powdered sugar instead. My mother prefers the powdered sugar actually.

The original recipe I followed used very little Rice Krispies, which we felt made the balls a bit too sweet. The recipe below has been fixed to add in more of the cereal, so your date balls will no doubt be a tad bigger than the ones shown in the pictures above. Just a heads up for you. Enjoy!

Orange and Clove Spritz Cookies Rolled in Swedish Pearl Sugar

Cinnamon and clove is a popular holiday scent, but how does it rate when it comes to cookie taste? Excellent, as it turns out.

Buttery spritz cookies are flavored with orange and clove then rolled in adorable Swedish pearl sugar to give it a pretty presentation.

These little gems are addictive, I tell ya. Perfect with coffee and loved by adults and kids alike. I haven't tried using any other types of sugar in place of the Swedish pearl sugar, so if you happen to substitute that with something else, please let us know how it turned out. Enjoy!