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Light and Fluffy Perfected Buttercream

Blogging this month came to an extreme halt. My apologies for that. I was in the hospital, then out. Then in again and out again. Finally I have recovered after a few weeks. Life is finally back to normal, which means we are busy homeschooling, participating in Girl Scouts and Cub Scouts, and all the other things that keep families busy. My little girl turned eight this month. For her birthday cake we made a three layer white cake, a chocolate filling and the most amazing light and fluffy buttercream to frost the outside. I'm not including the cake recipe as it didn't turn out at all like I had hoped, but the buttercream frosting -- OH BOY! It was perfection. So light and delicious and just perfect. It stays soft for days. This is our new go to recipe for buttercream, courtesy of Curly Girl Kitchen . Be sure to only use powdered sugar in this recipe, not granulated. For our 8-inch, three layer cake I quadrupled the recipe and that was only for frosting the outside of the

Asparagus, Peas and Onions with Basil Dressing and Goat Cheese Croquettes

A few months back I attended a cooking class at my local Olivelle store. If you are lucky enough to have a store near you, be sure to drop by. They specialize in oils and vinegars primarily, with other high quality cooking and baking products mixed in. One thing I love about their stores is that they have lots and lots of taste testing stations set up.  Over the past year we have picked up quite the collection of oils and vinegars. Basil Olive Oil is a favorite, as is the Sugar & Spice Dipper  which is fantastic on buttered toast and tastes just like Christmas. The long story short is everything we have tried has been delicious. By the way, this is not a sponsored post, I just really love their store. One of the recipes featured at the cooking class was this asparagus and pea side dish topped with warm, crunchy goat cheese croquettes. Absolutely delicious. Enjoy!