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Mardi Gras Party + King Arthur Flour King Cake Mix

We had a small celebration for Mardi Gras this year. The kids, grandma and I made a king cake which I think turned out delicious. Along with the king cake we made a pretty dark purple punch.

I got a mix from King Arthur Flour this year. For as much as I mention KAF you’d think I was being paid to promote the, but I am not. Onto the King Cake Mix. Right now they have the price listed at $12.99 but a few weeks ago when I bought it, it was a whopping $19.99. Not exactly cheap when you add in $8 shipping.

As you can see there is a thick almond filling running through the cake which I happen to love. The quality of the sprinkles was outstanding. They have such a deep, vibrant color.

I probably could have baked it for another 5 minutes but as I have mentioned, my oven is a bakers worst nightmare. It runs hot, it’s uneven and to boot we are at a very high altitude. So I try my best and cross my fingers when it comes to baked goods.

The kids helped decorate the cake. Even though we had some mistakes with the glaze, I thought it turned out very pretty. All in all it was a tasty cake mix. I don’t know that I’d fork over $30 next year just to make it, but I like to try things out from KAF at least once.

Of the other mixes I’ve tried, the Yuletide Cheer Scone Mix (their holiday scone mix) was outstanding, along with Cranberry & Orange Muffin Mix and a Butternut Squash & Apple Bountiful Soup Mix.

I realized this week that I need to pick up a much smaller punch bowl for our little parties. Hopefully I’ll be able to pick up something soon.

This delicious grape punch recipe will be coming soon! I hope you had a great Mardi Gras!

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