Jan 29, 2015

Sweet Pickle & Bacon Potato Salad

We've tried a bunch of potato salads but nothing comes close to our family favorite recipe for Sweet Pickle & Bacon Potato Salad. My mom makes this as a side dish to grilled brats. It is the perfect barbecue side dish. Enjoy!

Jan 23, 2015

Simple Chicken Gyros - 20 Minute Meal

Today I have a quick meal idea that uses a few premade items I picked up at Costco. This post isn't sponsored or anything like that, but the meal is very quick and delicious!

I picked up the main ingredients at my local Costco. Those would be the roaster chicken, tzatziki sauce and mini naan. Add in a few fresh veggies and dinner is ready to go. We used Penzey's Greek Seasoning to spice up the chicken and it turned out wonderful. The tzatziki sauce I believe was the Hannah brand.

If you are a gyro fan and in the need for an extra quick and fulfilling dinner, try this recipe out. Everyone in my house loved it. Enjoy!