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Cheesy Shrimp Ciabatta

For out last get together I made this delicious Cheesy Shrimp Ciabatta. This is an appetizer that shrimp fans will love. In our family this is one of our most favorite recipes. It's so delicious!

You can go with a baguette instead if you would like bite sized portions, but it is hard to beat a fresh loaf of ciabatta bread. The baguette slices will get much crunchier so if you prefer that mouth feel, you can go with a baguette. A fresh French bread would also work great. Enjoy!

25 Best Recipes of 2014

Here are the best of the best for 2014. Enjoy!

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Christmas 2014 Roundup

This year we made a lot of our go to favorite recipes, along with a few new hits. I will have to go back and take pictures at a later date because I was a big loser and didn't take any pictures at the Christmas party this year. This makes me so sad and disappointed, you have no idea.

Our menu was a little funky in terms of what we made as we were cooking for a corn allergy and a soy intolerance. So some items were tweaked to fit the needs of the guests.

Christmas Party Menu 2014:

Appetizers - 
Cheese wrapped in proscuitto platter.
Fiesta Corn Dipwith fritos. (Changes made: Drain everything really well so there is less liquid.
Omit bell peppers. Add a can of well drained rotel tomatoes. Add a jalapeno. Great success.)
Cream cheese with a raspberry chipotle jam spread on top served with crackers.

Drinks -
Homemade Crock Pot Hot Chocolate. Really tasty! We had a bunch leftover so I stored it in the fridge and reheated it on the stove the next day.
Raspberry Limoncello Prosecco. This one …

Our Favorite Sour Cream Cookies (McCall's Recipe)

Behold, our new, most favorite, sour cream cookie recipe. I've tried a few recipes over the past two years for sour cream cookies which turned out well, but not amazing. Recently I tried making a McCall's recipe which amped up the amount sour cream a bunch to make the best sour cream cookies we've ever tried.

I used my standard medium sized cookie scoop for these. Watch these closely in the oven. You don't want them to get too browned, just barely on the bottom, edges and tops. Enjoy!

Holiday Cream Cheese Mints

My gosh these are delicious! Simple to make and perfect for goodie bags or on a holiday buffet table. They are a little bit time consuming to make so if possible grab a friend or family member to help. These little treats can be kept in a tupperware at room temperature or chilled in the fridge. Many thanks to The Cutting Back Kitchen for the recipe. Enjoy!

Amish Brown Sugar Cookies w/ Maple Glaze

If you are craving a maple sweet, these cookies hit the spot. Maple isn't in the cookie dough which I was debating adding, but in the end I went with the original recipe for the sake of trying it as it was intended. They turned out very well. Next time around I would add a little maple extract to the dough to see if I like that better. Many thanks to Amish 365 for the recipe. Enjoy!

Old Fashioned Molasses Cookies

Today I have another delicious cookie recipe for you folks. These old fashioned molasses cookies are a balance of both chewy and crispy. The tops are barely crunchy while the insides are chewy. Many thanks to The Yummy Life for this great recipe.
For the record, they are delicious but my favorite molasses cookie are these extra soft and chewy ginger cookies. Speaking of them, looking at my super old and bad photograph reminds me that I need to make them and take new pictures. 
Now is the perfect time to invest in a nice cookie scoop. I was on the fence about these for years but after I broke down and ordered one, I LOVE it. I ordered the medium size and I use it all the time. It's wonderful. They are sturdy, they keep your hands cleaner than if you were rolling dough by hand, and they make nice, uniformly sized cookies. Order one now before the cookie baking madness starts. Enjoy!

Soft Almond Pillow Cookies

Almond lovers, cookie lovers, lovers of sweets that taste amazing, let me introduce you to the Soft Almond Pillow Cookies.

This one is for sure going to my top 25 recipes of 2014 list. It is hard to tell from the pictures but they are stuffed full of an almond paste mixture which tastes divine. If you love almond bear claw pastries, it is a similar sort of filling. Many thanks to The Noshery for this recipe.

My only issue came down to the dough, which I think was my own fault. I added the flour too quickly as I was mixing it, and in too large of an amount than I should've. This led to parts of the dough being too dry and other parts feeling too sticky/wet.  Learn from my mistakes and add the flour in small increments.

For all recipes that call for almond extract, I use Almond Bakery Emulsion by LorAnn. I love this stuff! I've seen them sold at Michael's craft store and I'm sure other stores carry them as well. Lastly, as long as you properly chill the dough, these coo…