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M&M Pretzel Rods

Using mini M&Ms on chocolate dipped and white chocolate drizzled pretzel rods makes for festive and delicious sweetness. You can swap out different colors to fit the theme of whatever holiday or party you have planned. I highly recommend the candy bark / almond bark for these. They melt much smoother and easier than using chocolate chips.

Lay out parchment paper, spoon the milk chocolate over the rods and spread it all over, leaving an uncoated area at the bottom for holding them. Let them set on the parchment for about 20 minutes. Then melt the white chocolate, add it to a ziploc and snip a very small end in a corner, and drizzle. Immediately top with the M&Ms and let set.

For the pretzel rods that have sprinkles shown above, those are the Caramel and Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Rods I posted over at Mom Spark.


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