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Cheesy Shrimp Ciabatta

For out last get together I made this delicious Cheesy Shrimp Ciabatta. This is an appetizer that shrimp fans will love. In our family this is one of our most favorite recipes. It's so delicious!

You can go with a baguette instead if you would like bite sized portions, but it is hard to beat a fresh loaf of ciabatta bread. The baguette slices will get much crunchier so if you prefer that mouth feel, you can go with a baguette. A fresh French bread would also work great. Enjoy!

Fresh Fruit Salad with Poppy Seed Dressing

This tasty fruit salad was surprisingly strong on the citrus flavor. It was good, but didn't taste as good as my favorite, Marshmallow Fruit Salad. Perhaps I miss having the soft bits of marshmallow and it a mouth feel sort of thing.

If I made this again I think I would skip adding oranges to it, since it has both zest and a orange juice in it. Having all three to me was overkill and orange was the only flavor I could taste. I might even skip the zest since it was such a potent flavor. I did sub honey for the maple syrup, I'm not sure that played a huge factor in the taste, but wanted to mention it.

Many thanks to the Reluctant Entertainer for this recipe. There are a lot of wonderful looking recipes at her blog, be sure to check it out.

Bacon Wrapped Cheese Hot Dogs

Recently I posted a recipe over at Mom Spark for Bacon Wrapped Cheese Hot Dogs. Great for Summer and super tasty. Head on over to check it out.

Leftover Peeps S'mores

Quite a few households have packages of leftover Peeps from Easter. Peeps that are dangerously close to becoming stale and thrown out. Don't let it happen! Pick up a few chocolate bars and graham crackers and make delicious S'mores. They are messy but tasty and fun. Many thanks to the always beautiful blog, Sally's Baking Addiction for this recipe. Enjoy!

Frosted Strawberry Salad

This delicious Frosted Strawberry Salad was loved by all at our Easter lunch. It has pineapple, strawberries and bananas in a fluffy strawberry jello base. It set up quite firm which made cutting it into slices, as well as serving it, very easy. Enjoy!

Old-Fashioned Holiday Glazed Ham

We kept it simple and a bit retro for the ham on Easter. This recipe calls for pineapple slices, maraschino cherries and cloves, along with a brown sugar glaze. Enjoy!

Strawberry Slush Punch

Tasty and refreshing. Great for Summer parties as the 'slush' keeps the punch icy and cold. Be sure to give yourself extra time to freeze the punch. I portioned my punch into 4 containers and set it in the freezer for about 12 hours and it was only about half frozen. Plan ahead!

You will need an extra large punch bowl if you make the full recipe. My punch bowl was quite full after adding just one bottle of soda so I had to skip the second bottle. It was a bit more concentrated because of this but everyone loved it regardless. Enjoy!

Happy Easter

Recipes coming soon! Have a great Easter.

Easter Menu 2014:

Strawberry Slush PunchMom's Seven Layer Pea SaladFrosted Strawberry Jello DessertCheesy Hashbrown CasseroleRetro Pineapple, Cherry & Clove HamCarrotsPotato RollsCake & Cupcakes

Skillet Candied Sweet Potatoes

A sweet, delicious sweet potato side dish that doesn't require turning on the oven. Be sure not to have the temperature on your stove top too high as the sweet potatoes can burn.

I'm not very skilled at dicing and cubing vegetables, but I did my best to have a small to medium size pieces. If they are cut too large they won't cook all the way through for the cooking time listed. Many thanks to Everyday Mom's Meals for this recipe. Enjoy!

Garlic Cheese Bread

This tasty Garlic Cheese Bread reminded me a lot of our family classic Italian Cheesy Parmesan Biscuits. For my tastes, I thought this was too much spread for just one loaf of bread. It felt a tad heavy and greasy to me, so for my tastes I would reduce the amount of spread.

The recipe below is the original recipe. I'll leave it up to you to decide if it is too much spread or not. If it seems like too much, just pop the remaining spread into a Tupperware and save it for another dinner. Many thanks to A Feast for the Eyes for this recipe. Enjoy!

Mini Carrot Pineapple Cake

Recently I posted a tasty recipe for Mini Carrot Pineapple Cake at Mom Spark. Head on over to check it out.

Strawberry Mango Smoothies

Recently I posted a recipe over at Mom Spark for Strawberry Mango Smoothies. Head on over to check it out!

Macaroni Salad

I have Spring fever. I can barely wait for the weather to start warming up here in the North. Please, green grass, come soon!

When I think of Spring and Summer, I tend to think of barbecue foods, like pasta salads, potato salads, grilled burgers and chicken. This recipe for Macaroni Salad came from Favorite Family Recipes. For our optional add-ins we used diced red bell pepper and celery. Very tasty stuff. Be warned, it makes a HUGE bowl. Enjoy!