Dec 20, 2013

Christmas Menu Planning, Holiday Fairy Garden and Decorations

How are your holiday plans coming along? All of ours are falling behind schedule. While I planned ahead and got almost all of my shopping done a month or two ago, the actual preparation of cookies and menu planning has been last minute. Anyone else in the same boat?

Our fake charlie brown tree has a lot of character. We got some expensive but really adorable lights that have something like 15-20 different settings, and they all change color, which is quite beautiful. The kids made a lot of homemade ornaments, some of which were sacrificed to the dog gods (aka Sophie and Lulu the Boston terriers). The dogs have pulled ornaments off the trees and devoured them.

We went with an outdoorsy sort of theme this year with lots of little woodland creatures all over the house.

The fairy garden got a Christmas makeover.

So far the final menus are looking like this...

Christmas morning menu:

Christmas Eve party menu:

  • holiday punch
  • crab dip w/ toasted baguette
  • shrimp cocktail
  • prime rib w/ blue cheese-bread crumb sort of baked spread on the side 
  • cookie trays
  • buche de noel 
  • hot chocolate (crock pot)
  • for the kids: cheese and summer sausage cubes, veggie tray, ham and cheddar puff pastry spirals, loaded potato skins

Here's hoping we can pull it all off. Of course I will share pictures and recipes after the parties. Have a good weekend!