Apr 2, 2012

5 Ways Using Pinterest Can Improve Your Food Blog

Pinterest! It is the wonderful time suck that many of us love to use. I was thinking this morning of how often I use their website. Let's just say, I use it a lot. Lot lot lot. Which led me to think about some ways that you can utilize their website to improve your own. Are you ready? Let's jump in.

1. Create a visual recipe index.

One way to (somewhat) quickly create a visual recipe index without having to mess with creating one hosted at your own site is to create a board on Pinterest.

How to do it: 

After you have added the Pin It code to your posts, simply click and add them all to the boards of your choice. You can do one board and pile them all in there, or create categories if you would like.

Alternatively, you can put the Pin It code into your internet browser of choice and go through your archives and pin each of your old recipes.

It takes a bit of time but it really isn't too bad compared to creating a recipe index from scratch and having to upload all the photos, set up links, and hope and pray that you don't mess up somewhere along the way and lose your work.

2. Allow your readers to easily pin your posts by filling in the info for them!

When a reader clicks your Pin It button the box will pop up with all the information already in it. 
The end result! With a clickable link to your website.

How to add the Pin It Button for Web Sites:

The main page we are working with. The top half is the info we need to fill in. The bottom half is the generated code that we need to add to our website.

Taking a closer look at the important stuff. There are three boxes to fill out. 

URL of the page the pin is on: Be sure to use the direct link to your post. Not to a category, or a comment section, or anything silly like that.

URL of the image to be pinned: Go to the published post and right click the image and select Copy image URL.
Once you have all the fields filled in, copy the code generated and insert it into the HTML of your post. Update and you are done!

3. Gain exposure like woah. 

Did I ever imagine that 120,000 people would pin a very basic recipe for Cheesy Garlic Sticks? Nope, but they did!
Or 59,000 pins for my trashy Mexican Dorito Casserole? No way!

4. Analyze what is popular on your site.

At a quick glance I can see what has recently been pinned. People really like my trashy casserole, what can I say.

How to do it:

Type the following URL into your browser, replacing your URL with mine. Notice that when I typed in my personal URL at the end, I left out the 'www.' part. Just put in the address without that.

5. Organize your inspiration for future posts.

How to do it:

Create boards and organize them by course. It takes a few minutes to set it up but believe me, in the long run you will appreciate the organization.

Those are my five tips to improve your blog using Pinterest. If anyone wondered, this is not a sponsored post. I just enjoy using their website like many of us do. Do you have any Pinterest tips to add? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. Hi! wow, those numbers are impressive. I don't have pinterest, but will have to check them out...soon.

  2. Great post! I didn't know about the source address. Definitely using that in the future. Thank you!!!

  3. Thanks for the tips :)
    Ironically, I saw this on Pinterest - lol
    When I saw it was you, I just had to click and read!
    ~ Dana at Cooking at Cafe D

  4. Hi Ali! Just one question - when adding the Pin It button, does it have to be added every time to each post?

  5. If you would like it to link to each specific post, as far as I know yes you do have to add it to each post. Now that I am used to doing it, it takes me all of 30 seconds to add it in. I publish my post, that way I get the URL of the post and the img, then I grab the code, pop back in and add it in and refresh it.

    Maybe at some point there will be more widgets and things to build into templates so we don't have to do this, but until then, it should only take ya a few seconds to do. :) Hope that helps.

  6. Thank you for your wonderful tips...I was wondering if you can do (or you may have already done one) tips on how you make your beautiful picture collages?

  7. Sure Kay! I use a free program called Photoscape to create the collages. If you google that, you should be able to get a download link. Recently I have tried out Picasa 3 to add text to photo's as well, and downloaded some free fonts to pair that with. If you have any questions feel free to holler :)

  8. Thank you, thank you for this wealth of information about Pinterest! - I have been wanting to add such info to my blog as I have been hearing such wonderful results from other bloggers....but I have been intimadated by the thought of doing it. With your lovely tutorial I think I can do it! Merci beaucoup!!!

    I am off to follow you on Pinterest!
    ~avril :-)

  9. Ali - thank you for this! I have a question - I don't know what to do about that last little bit of code that you are supposed to a add (about the body tag). . . I don't see one . . .
    Thank you! any help would be so appreciated!