May 23, 2011

Food Blogging - Organizing and tracking your recipe index.

If you have been food blogging for a while, the time comes where the list of things you need to blog to get caught up spirals out of control. Don't believe me? Take a look at my recipe index.

407 Recipes! -- I just updated this list and now I'm at 415+. Bleh.

Curious how many I've blogged about? About half. 'Ouch' and 'my brain hurts' is all I can say in response. If you are in need of a way to keep track of what food you have made and if you have blogged about it yet, I have a few tips for you.

The title of this spreadsheet is fitting, no?
  1. First, you need to start a spreadsheet. If you don't have an Excel sort of program, head over to Gmail, then go to the 'documents' tab to start one.
  2. Open up your recipe index on your blog. Highlight and copy the entire index. Click back over to the spreadsheet, click into the first box, and paste.
  3. If necessary, delete any rows that were your category headers, like "Desserts" or "Main Dish". All we want is the name of the recipe. That's it! If you use Google docs it should auto save, but be sure to save as you go to be safe.
  4. Next you are going to add in the recipes that you have made but not blogged about. You will want to compile the links ahead of time. Save them to a new folder to your bookmarks menu, or gather up all your print outs and you will be all set to go.
  5. Now that we have a giant list of our recipes, you want to sort the rows so they are displayed A-Z vertically.  You should be able to skim through the list quickly and see if there are any doubles and delete the extra entry.
  6. Click to the left (or you can go to the right) of your recipe column and insert one column to the left. This is where we will add in an 'X' to signify that the recipe has been blogged about.
  7. Go through your recipe index online and quickly mark each recipe with an 'X' if it has been blogged about.
  8. Be sure to save as you go along. Update this weekly or monthly and you are good to go.
Tip: When you are inserting or deleting a row, be sure that you are inserting/deleting an entire row. You do this by right clicking on the number of the row and selecting "Insert one above/below" or "remove row". The reason this is important is if you want to be sure that your two columns match up correctly and you don't accidentally mess the whole list up. That would be super sucky.

If you have any tips please leave a comment!

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  5. Whoa that is a long list of recipes indeed! Very informative article. Thanks for sharing!

  6. LOVE this idea! Thanks for the tips! (:

  7. I have zero tips for you, but you just gave me a BUNCH! Thanks. So glad to have found your blog. Anyone who created a blog title after Luke is tops with me. :)

  8. I am using a spreadsheet to organize the recipes I've already posted into an index, and within one spreadsheet I have lots of little tabs to divide them into categories. Lots of work!

  9. Thanks for the tip. I don't do many posts about food, but I can definitely see ways I can you use to keep track of other posts and especially my recipes.

  10. How lovely. Following you from blog hop via Trendy House.. Hope you can stop by sometime.. CUTE blog :))

  11. That is awesome! I feel like I can never find the recipe or I don't know what to make. This way everything is right in front of me! Thanks for sharing over at Tuesday Tell All!


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  13. You're a woman of many talents! Thank you for keeping us organized, motivated and inspired!

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  15. Thanks for this! I was having problem with my Excel and I just wanted something simple to use to catalog my massive collection of recipes!!

  16. Thank you so much for the organizing tips and linking this up as well!