Apr 4, 2011

Blogging - How do you handle linking up for blog parties?

Blog parties. Love them or hate them, they are a great way to showcase your blog posts and generate traffic to your website.

If you haven't participated in them before, many bloggers have created weekly round ups that you can submit posts to and your link is then displayed on their blog. It is simple to do, but there is one problem. There are so many out there!

I am torn with how to handle this. Part of me wants to add a compilation of links at the end of each post. The downside is that it takes a lot of work to add that info in each and every time, not to mention it tends to really clog up your blog posts if submit posts frequently.

Links or buttons on each post
  • Pros: Providing links at the end of each post makes it easier to direct your readers to the hosting website.
  • Cons: A huge list of links at the end of each post can make the blog look messy and cluttered. More work is required to craft the list for each day you participate in a party. Don't get my started on all those buttons!
An option to avoid the blog clutter is to do a stand alone page (see example here) that you provide a link to at the end of your post directing your readers to the parties you normally submit to. I am considering this, but what do you think, is it not enough?  I've also seen blogs that provide links in their sidebar, organized by days of the week.

Master list of parties or links in the sidebar
  • Pros: A permanent page would allow you to set it up once, then forget about it. The blogs listed might get more exposure in the long run from a permanent page, as opposed to getting lost in the clutter at the end of blog posts.
  • Cons: Afraid that a master list would come across as me being lazy or rude to the folks hosting the link party. Your submitted link may be removed from their party.

So how do you handle it? Is it required to link up to each and every party, or do you think it is all right to provide a link to a 'master list' of sorts with a list of the blog parties you regularly participate in?


  1. Problem with the parties page is many sites are requiring that the link must be on the page or you can't link up. Have you seen this yet? I haven't enabled it yet, but I may...

  2. I am copying part of my email response to Nicolette so anyone else that is wondering what my thoughts are can see below:

    Recently there was a feature added to the linky projects that makes it so you have ot have the URL of the hosting party somewhere on the page in order for you to add your link to the party. This was added right after I did this post, of course. :)

    So what I do now is I put in a "read more" at the end of the post and add the long list of links there. Now, I think if I only had a handful of links I wouldn't bother with this, but my list is SO HUGE it takes off half a screen, so that would be really distracting to people to see as they are browsing through my blog.

    I haven't run across anyone who has had a problem with this yet. Besides putting the link in my post, I have the stand alone 'link party page' where I list their blog, and for a good portion of the parties I ALSO have their button on my button page. So that is 2-3 places I've listed them. I figure if they aren't happy with all of that, then so be it and I won't bother participating if that isn't good enough.

    I hope that helps.