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Kiddo Update - Spring 2011

Every so often I like to do an update of what my kids are up to. The time has finally come! While Jam Hands is primarily about food, I do have some readers from way back (all the way back to 2005) who have seen my kids since they were born.

Mr. Jack  - Almost age 2
Likes: Italian Food, especially pasta bakes with meat and cheese. Bolt and Finding Nemo. His favorite person is Dad. He likes running, climbing, bouncing, and is always on the go. It is exhausting to keep him out of trouble.

Dislikes: Wearing his glasses. Being told no. Holding still for any length of time at all. Not into fruit at all.

Favorite thing to do which he is not supposed to: Pushing buttons on the TV, computer. I can tell him 20 times to stop doing it, but he keeps on doing it. Running on the couch, which I have told him a million times is for sitting on only, not standing, not running, etc. He gives me a heart attack every time he accidentally launches himself off of it.

Miss Violet - Age 3
Likes:  Fruit and Carbs. This girl is a carb-o-holic! Not so much a fan of protein, it is a constant battle to get her to eat anything besides fruit, yogurt or carbs. Currently very interested in animals, robots (Futurama is a favorite, and she calls them Yo-bots), the alphabet, and vocabulary. Her favorite person is Mom.

Dislikes:  Bedtime. Being told no. Getting anything "gross" on her hands.

Favorite thing to do which she is not supposed to:  Teasing her brother with a toy he can't reach. Refusing to eat food. She does this all the time.


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