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Homemade Baby Food

Last weekend I buckled down and made baby food. Lots of baby food. Shown from left are: (In ice cube trays) chicken breasts with broccoli, potatoes and cheese, mashed avocado, sweet potatoes and sauteed apples, sweet potatoes and squash, herb turkey breast and potatoes, beef and mixed vegetables.

This was one day of work, though most of that time was waiting for the food to freeze so I could transfer to a freezer Ziploc and freeze the next batch of food. Not too shabby.

I have just a few tips for those who are new to making baby food.
  • Puree the meats first, and puree them while they are cold, adding liquid as necessary. Once they are very smooth, add in your veggies and fruits and puree.
  • Transfer to a container and chill the baby food before freezing, otherwise you get some nasty ice crystals.
  • Start setting aside a portion of food from your family meals to puree for baby. As long as you don't go crazy with the salt, it is a very easy way to introduce a variety of foods to baby, and it is in a small enough batch that if they don't like it, you haven't wasted time, money and energy.


  1. I've seen this idea before, and I've always been intrigued with the convenience and organization...but my question is, does Baby eat it well? Is one "cube" enough--too much? What has your experience shown you? We're expecting #5 in May...I guess that gives me time to get cooking and freezing! (:

  2. Well, each baby is different. My baby is 9 months and he eats two cubes typically. For the mashed avocado, I do one cube and half a ripe banana.

    So far he has liked what I've made him, but I would say do not make a huge batch of food if he has never tried it before. Start off with one or two servings, make sure he likes it, then go for a large batch.

  3. Oh your blog is so pretty- thanks for saying hello! I've been dying to make homemade baby food this time around (my baby just started solids last week so I haven't gotten into it yet). I'm going to have to try your tips- thank you so much!


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