Mar 12, 2010

Blogging Authenticity

Authentic -  Definition: not false or copied; genuine; real.

My six year journey of blogging has taught me quite a bit of what not to do. What I once thought was fun, like having giveaways, commenting on multitudes of blogs when really I didn't have anything insightful to say, and mass promotion of my site, are now a complete turn off.

Before I publish any more posts I thought it would be good to set things straight as far as where I stand and why I am publishing this blog.

My goals: To provide delicious recipes and family/kid activities to my audience, with a little of my life views woven in, in an effort to connect with my readers.

On giveaways: In the past I only allowed myself to give away cookbooks to my readers (which were provided by the publisher), but at this point I am not interested in hosting any giveaways. I found myself  focused on how much traffic was generated by such contests, and it just makes me feel icky to go back to that now.

I have seen quite a few blogs get sucked into the trap of promoting companies and products so much that the quality and frequency of their original posts falters. Sites that I use to enjoy visiting that now make me feel bleh.  It is such a shame.  There are a lot of sites that provide a good balance, but I don't even want to start down that road for my own site.

On sponsors/advertising: I think this is great. For quite some time I have not run any ads, but I will be looking into this in the future.

Overall, I think everyone should go with their gut. If it feels icky or somehow like one party is being taken advantage of or something is on the down-low, perhaps it should be avoided.


  1. What a totally honest post! I see some of the things you're seeing, too. I think it's great that you're setting guidelines for yourself, and remembering your original goal.

    My original goal was to post recipes that are my favorites--ones that I would want to make again...and to share them with other people who love food like me. (: It's so nice to have a set goal so I can keep myself from posting that "so-so" recipe, even if it means waiting a bit before I can make another post! I've learned that if I tell myself I am leading my blog, not the blog leading my life, then I'm more able to keep things in balance. I've found that the rest of my life runs more smoothly when I allow blogging to add interest/hobby to my life, rather than make IT my life! (: Ha's amazing how something so non-existant years ago is so part of things now!

    Thanks for your insight!

  2. Well, I feel I may have done what you hated the most. In an effort to get some of my old readers to my new little patch of online grass, I commented recently as a way to get back in touch. I added you back to my reader and decided that if I want more traffic I should read and comment more.

    Sorry I broke your rules! :(

  3. lol, no, i'm talking about spammy comments like, "Cool site! Check out my site about cheap viagra prescriptions!" :) you are good