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The Green Monster Smoothie

Today I wanted to share one bad mutha of a smoothie recipe. Sometimes called "The Green Monster" because of the bright green color, this smoothie is chock full of nutrients. Sure, the color is a little scary, but I personally could not taste the spinach in this, which was great. Ready for the recipe?

The Green Monster Smoothie
Makes 2-3 Smoothies

1 banana, cut in chunks
1 cup cling peaches
1 (6 ounce) container vanilla yogurt
1/2 granny smith apple, cored and chopped
1/2 cup juice of your choice
1 1/2 cups fresh spinach leaves

1. Place the banana, peaches, yogurt, apple, juice and spinach into a blender. Cover and blend until smooth, stopping frequently to push down anything stuck to the sides. Pour into glasses and serve.

Source: Unknown


  1. I'm so excited to make this--I actually have all necessary ingredients. It not only sounds delicious, but quite nutritious. I've been sneaking spinach into everything these days, and I can't wait to sneak it into this smoothie! Thanks!

  2. I am typically against all things smoothie because they appear to be healthy and foul tasting. But this one? Mmmmm. I really even like the green color!

  3. Wow, this is one daring smoothie! I've been making my boys a lot of smoothies lately though maybe I could sneak the spinach in there... hmm. Can you taste the spinach very much?

  4. Ok... you have me convinced. I'll give it a go! Thanks for sharing. Gosh it's so green... lol! No... I'm doing it.

  5. Oh how I love green monsters! Try adding a little bit of cilantro too, gives it a nice zesty lime kick! Thanks for sharing girl,

  6. Looks great! Going to have to try it! I'm on a mission to have a juice like this for lunch's hard to do... Thanks for the recipe!


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