Sunday, July 10, 2011

The poll results are in!

Last week I asked you what you thought the ideal weekly posting frequency was. I had many people ask me to post the final tally, so here they are. Are you surprised by the results? If you would like to chime in and share how often you blog or on the other side of the fence - how often you want to see a blog post (two different things there, for sure), head to the comment section.

What is the ideal weekly posting frequency for blogs?
  • Every day - 13 votes (37%)
  • Every other day - 10 votes (28%)
  • 2-3 times a week - 17 votes (48%)
  • once a week - 0 votes (0%)


  1. I am surprised. I'll have to ponder that. But this is good news for you. There is much less stress in 2-3 days posting than in every day. Plus if you combine that with the every other day people, there are vastly more people who do not expect an every day post. And now I'm rambling. I've had a long weekend...

  2. I am really surprised. I have the same answer as before. With my favorite blogs, including food-related blogs like yours, I love Monday through Friday posting. That said, I don't mind daily postings.

    For myself, I have a different goal with blogging, and that is just to document my life in my home journal, of sorts. I generally don't post on the weekends, and I don't worry about posting frequency since my goal isn't the readers, it's me. :)

    I think that whatever you've got going on is working for me, Ali.

  3. Jen - The main thing for me that makes it hard to post every day isn't so much stress or time - it is financial. If I were wealthy I'd be making all sorts of new recipes every day & blogging them, but I just can't afford to do that. So I may have to cut down the posting frequency of food recipes so that I stay on a food budget. Like you said, it is a relief that people (or not ALL people) expect you to post every day. That is great!

    Thanks soNOTcool :) I see your point for sure. You have such a beautiful and intimate blog that is for you and your family. You set your own pace for it. You can really tell that you put time into composing beautiful photographs and journal your family life. I think that is so great.

    I'd really like to go to a M-F posting schedule, but it is really hard to break my habit of posting 7 days a week. I guess because I am not posting recipes every day, usually it is just 3 recipes a week, and I supplement with other types of discussion oriented posts.

    For the time being I think I am gonna stick with posting 5-6 days out of the week, but if life gets too busy for me to blog, I would be able to cope with only posting 2-3 times a week too. :)

  4. Ali- for sure I'd like to see you post every day or twice a day. But that's only cause I love what you do, say and write :) Plus I think it's good torture.

    I personally like to post Monday-Friday. It works for me. It goes along with my menu planning and baking schedule too. I don't do much baking and/or cooking over the weekend. We eat the treats I make during the week, and we eat leftovers usually or go out. Or we eat a dinner that is NOT a new recipe, but a family standby (lasagna, enchiladas, etc).

    I hear ya on the recipe development and budget. I have been trying in creating "new" outside the box for me, recipes only once a week. The rest are ones that I have made before, or are within budget, and on the menu. I don't ever cook or bake JUST for blogging purposes. I do it to feed the family. The blog comes after that. I see alot of food bloggers who post crazy recipes several times a week and while they might be great recipes, their goals are far different from mine. But, they also probably make money at blogging :)

    Okay, the music is playing, time to sign off.

  5. I didn't vote in your poll, but I just wanted to say that I think that your notepad lists are great...I love inspiration from around the web! That is a great weekly post that is 'free' in regards that it doesn't come from your kitchen. At our blog, it's a group effort so we are able to post everyday. Maybe another alternative is a weekly (or bi-weekly) guest blog post. I liked the DIY lunchable guest post from last week.

    Have a great week!
    Becca @ Crumbs and Chaos