Saturday, June 11, 2011

Big Honkin' Quick Update.

You guys! All right, I might break my rule of not using excessive exclamation points, but I am just excited right now. I was farting around blog land and I came across this amazing site that allows you to set up a forum (aka a "community") that is embedded within your blog.

If you are staring at your screen blankly right now, wondering what that means, it means that it is built in into my blog so you just click the "Forums" link up above and it will transform the current page into the forums. Where you then can come say hi to me. Or yell at me. Or ask me questions.

Oh, but get this! Not only is it a community forums where you can say hi, and post stuff like any other forum, they also have a live discussion option. So if I am sitting there with a giant alcoholic beverage watching Trueblood and you want to come say hi and make snarky/fun comments about the show, you can! Isn't that cool?

Also, a perk for you is that after you become a member, your most current blog posts will be featured on the welcome page of the community. Hoorah for exposure, right?

What are you waiting for? Go check it out! Since I just launched it today I am sitting in there all alone with my adult beverage with no one to talk to. Don't make me be that girl.

You do have to set up a little profile if you haven't done it before with the blogfrog site, but, the cool thing is if you visit another blog that has their forums hosted by blogfrog, you wont have to register again (I hate that). Just use your login info, join the community, and wha-bam! You are set to go.

I hope to see you in there. Bring your own beverage of choice.

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  1. Wow, what a great find, I will have to check that out!