Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ten On Tuesday - Horrible Food

Don't forget to share what your favorite 'bad' foods are in the comments. If you would like to join in visit It's a Crafty Life for more details.

10 foods that are horribly bad for me but I love anyways:
Culver's Cheeseburger. Omnomnom.
  1. Cheeseburgers - I like them rare with a ton of cheese, be it cheddar, blue cheese or Swiss, with grilled onions or mushrooms.
  2. Diet Soda - I keep trying to quit drinking soda but I am too weak. My drink of choice is diet coke.
  3. Fruit Snacks - I raid my kid's supply more often than I am willing to admit. Costco is carrying a kind right now that is sour filled, almost like Gushers. $10 for 80 I think it is, snarf city.
  4. Cheesy Bread Sticks - Papa John's has these cheesy bread sticks that come with a tub of garlic butter and a tub of pizza sauce. So good and so much better than just a regular pizza. I think it is about $5 for a family size. It is a weekly purchase at our house.        
  5. Ben and Jerry's - What are your favorite flavors? I adore Marzipan, Chocolate Mint Cookie, Boston Cream Pie and most recently I tried a new flavor. Late Night which is vanilla ice cream, salted caramel sauce and chocolate covered potato chips. So, so good. The potato chips were still fresh and crispy.
  6. Cheesecake - Creamy, decadent cheesecake with a graham cracker crust. Maybe a sour cream type topping but nothing too fancy.
  7. Crab Rangoon - A fried wonton filled with cream cheese and imitation crab. There is a pretty decent Chinese buffet nearby that you can get a to-go container for, and I'm satisfied to fill it up, ALL up, with crab rangoon. I dunk it in spicy Chinese mustard and sweet and sour sauce.
  8. Coffee - A strong cup with flavored creamer is how I start every day. I don't do espresso or black coffee, otherwise pretty much anything coffee flavored is wonderful.
  9. Buttered toast with bacon - I don't usually eat much for breakfast but if the mood strikes me I will stock up on sliced bakery french bread, bacon and OJ.
  10. Cheese Poofs - Yes, the orange colored cheese poofs. For shame.


  1. I could live on bacon. And Larks banana whoopie pies from Larkscountryheart.blogspot.com ~ those babies are so good...but sooooo bad.

  2. Well, this is pretty much my list too! I love cheesburgers, anything with bacon, diet Dr. Pepper & fruit snacks!! Oh well, you only live once!

  3. Oh yes. The Papa John's cheese sticks bread is where it's at.

  4. Well I guess my number one is definitely coffee with all the wonderful creams. And the runner up is bread, in all shapes and forms (muffin, biscuit, sandwich bread, pitas, rolls, french bread). I love it all.

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  6. Oooo I agree with most of this! Carrot cake is one of my bad foods. Onion rings and deep fried cheese curds too.


  7. Why do we all love cheese so much?
    My guilty pleasure is a grilled cheese on sourdough with cheddar & jack cheeses. I make it myself occasionally, but there is a place in Malibu that does it up right! Oh, and to be extra extra fat, I dip it in ranch. Mmmm....

  8. Aimee - I'm with you on the carbs. Mmm.

    Cooking Photog- Carrot cake! That is a good one. With cream cheese frosting. Maybe go a little shmancy with some coconut or pineapple in it.

    Oh - That cake from costco. Carrot cake with a mousse apricot filling. THAT is so good.

    And cheese curds! You are a girl after my heart. You aren't from WI are you? hehe

  9. Hah - Amy I'm not sure but cheese is just so good it is on most peoples list.

    I once made a grilled cheese on sourdough -- this was when I was pregnant and your smelling is like a super power. And it smelled to me like the stinkiest feet ever, and I couldn't eat it ever again. :D heh.

    I am with you on dipping stuff in ranch, I'm not sure if you do that with anything else. I will dip pepperoni pizza in garlic ranch.

  10. I am so with you on the cheeseburgers. It's my go to food, especially when I'm stressed. My husband knows it's bad if I've already had dinner and I ask him to go get me a cheeseburger and diet coke. :)

    Garlic bread. I could eat the loaf myself. So bad.

    Reese's blizzards (but only because that's all they have here, when I can get them from Braum's, those are the best).

  11. MMmmm. Now I want garlic bread and a reese's blizzard.

  12. I am sooooo with you on the Diet Coke and Crab rangoons (along with just about every other thing on your list, ha!)!! Thanks for linking up!

  13. Ditto on #2 and #7. I keep giving up diet soda only to start it up again. I'll also add chocolate eclairs to the list. I once made a bacon cheeseburger using two Krispy Kreme doughnuts for the bun. And ate the whole thing. Probably the most unhealthy thing I've ever eaten! I expected it to be the bomb diggity but I really didn't like it that much. Weird that I ate the whole thing anyway! That's me. Moderation isn't my forte.

  14. Oh I thought I was the only one who did that with the hot mustard a sweet and sour sauce... delish!!!