Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Are you unable to blog or comment? Read for more info!

There is an issue going around on blogger sites that aren't allowing comments on posts, or for blogger users to sign in.

This actually happened to me for a full day before I switched from using Firefox to Chrome. If this is happening to you, try switching to a different browser, like Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome. Just try one that you normally don't use, and see if you can either comment or login to your blogger account.

Hopefully this might help.


  1. Thank you Ali! Thank you for "friending" snippets and reading Honest Cooking. I haven't had lunch yet and that mac and cheese below is looking really tasty!

  2. Good to know about this!! I love chrome... don't think I'll go back. But, since I use chrome, I had no idea about the commenting issues. I did notice that comment volume was lower than normal.

  3. Thanks. I thought it was me and it was driving me crazy!!!


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