Thursday, April 14, 2011

White Chocolate Peanut Butter Party Mix

Have you ever tried the white chocolate peanut butter cups? This is the same idea, with white chocolate coating pretzels, nuts, chex cereal, and Reese's Pieces added in. 

White Chocolate Reese's Pieces Party Mix
Makes many servings

3 bags good quality white chocolate baking chips
9 cups crispy rice cereal squares, e.g., Rice Chex (You can do half regular and half toasted oat cereal if you prefer)
3 cups pretzels
1 to 2 cups slivered almonds (or peanuts, or other nut you prefer)
1 large bag Reese's Pieces

1. Melt chocolate in a large saucepan over low heat or in microwave until just until soft. Stir until melted. Combine all the other ingredients in big roaster pan or bowl. Stir chocolate into mixture. Turn out on waxed paper.

Adapted from a recipe at Allrecipes

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