Thursday, December 2, 2010

Huge Happy Holiday Guide!

December, finally! Where I live in the Midwest there still hasn't been a snowfall, which just seems so odd to a northern girl like me. Even still, thoughts of the holiday season are running rampant in my brain. I thought I would do a little round-up of some of my holiday bookmarks. Included are recipes for cookies, candy and desserts, along with a few crafts. Don't forget to throw on some holiday music while you browse. Enjoy!



Other Desserts:



  1. Last year we put together some pretzel snowmen. The "recipe" was from a magazine, but it looks like it can also be found at . We wrapped them up in individual bags and passed them out at our family gathering. The only thing I would change from the recipe is to use vanilla bark and not white chocolate. The vanilla bark melts easier and you don't have to worry about the chocolate seizing up if you get a little moisture in the mix.

  2. Oh my goodness. This is going to take awhile. Thanks for this list!

  3. What a list!! Thanks so much for including my mom's fudge on this list.


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